EUROPEADA winner  Verena Erlacher is died

EUROPEADA winner Verena Erlacher is died

09/11/2018, 12:38

The EUROPEADA family mourns the player of the EUROPEADA 2016 winning team South Tyrol Women, Verena Erlacher, who died on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, only 19 years old. The then 17-year-old Verena was in all games of the EUROPEADA 2016 part of the team South Tyrol ladies on the full...more


23/12/2016, 12:02

At the EUROPEADA 2016, many great people have come to South Tyrol to meet other minorities and to play the EUROPEADA championship under the slogan "Diversity.Awareness.Respect". The women's teams were a great addition to the tournament and gave it a...more

The final ranking of the EUROPEADA 2016

25/06/2016, 23:11

This is the final ranking of the EUROPEADA 2016:

Women Tournament:

1. Südtirol

2. Occitánia

3. Rusdeutsch

4. I Ladins

5. Serbja-Lusatia

6. Las Rumantschas


Men Tournament:


EUROPEADA has come to a close

25/06/2016, 20:54

With speeches following the final match and with an award ceremony, the EUROPEADA 2016 has come to a close. FUEN President Loránt Vincze thanked the hosts for their work in the preparation and implementation of the event. His Vice President Daniel Alfreider and former Vice...more

Südtirol also wins the men's tournament

25/06/2016, 20:31

Südtirol also won the men's tournament of the EUROPEADA 2016. In an exciting and generally fair game, the hosts got into the lead already in the second minute by Elmar Haller. Occitània came into the game more and more, but was not able to capitalise and elaborate real...more

Croats in Serbia apologise for their abandonment

25/06/2016, 20:30

The President of the Organising Committee announces that the Croats in Serbia officially apologised for their abandonment in the semi-final match. The local organiser is pleased with their statement and accepts the apologies. If there will be a written declaration at a later stage, it will be...more

Final day - overview of the matches

25/06/2016, 11:59

The day of competition of the EUROPEADA 2016 has arrived, the last results will be determined. For practical reasons the programme is changed as following:

10.00 hr: Match in Ahrntal for the third place between I Ladins and the Hungarians in Romania is...more

Final pairing of the men is the same as with the women

24/06/2016, 21:55

The final of the men of the EUROPEADA, will be played between the selections of Occitània and Südtirol, just like with the women. In the first semi-final the Croats in Serbia tried to play hard and have success against Occitánia. After they in vain tried to claimed a penalty...more

Rusdeutsch women come third, Südtirol women win the tournament

24/06/2016, 14:37

The women tournament ended today with the victory of Südtirol against the favorites, the Occitània team. At half time it looked as if the Occitans were sure to win the match, as they led with 2:0 after two goals by Laurie Saulnier. The strong South Tyroleans had tough luck, with two...more

Semi-finals for the men are known

23/06/2016, 22:32

The quarter-finals for the men ended with victories of the favourites, although the matches were anything but easy wins. In the match between the  Hungarians in Romania and Südtirol a highly competitive first half time was followed by a second half in which the South Tyroleans dominated...more

Occitània and Südtirol make it into the women's final

23/06/2016, 13:37

The women's selection of Occitània was able to live up to its role as favorite in the first semi-final and qualified for the final with an easy victory.

They will play against the South Tyrolean ladies, who had to fight hard until the end, because despite of their...more

The programme of today

23/06/2016, 09:48

The Tournament Management announces the programme of today:


Start at 11.00 hr:

Match for the fifth place for the women: Serbja Lusatia - Las Rumantschas in Mühlwald (live-stream at

Semi-final 1 women: Rusdeutsch...more

Live-streams today

23/06/2016, 09:41

The Tournament Management announces that this morning the women's match for the fifth place between Serbja Lusatia and Las Rumantschas be be live-streamed at übertragen wird. At 18:00 hr the quarter final between the Südtirol and the Hungarians from...more

Pairings for the quarter-finals (men) are drawn

22/06/2016, 11:19

The EUROPEADA in South Tyrol enters the decisive phase!

Today the draw for the end rounds took place in San Martin de Tor / St. Martin in Thurn.


The pairings for the quarter-final of in the men's tournament are following – all the...more

Teams for the quarter-finals have been determined

21/06/2016, 10:59

After examining the results of the matches, the tournament management announces the teams that will play in the quarter-finals. The winners of the groups, which are automatically qualified, are: I Ladins (Group A), Croats in Serbia (Group B), Felvidéki Labdarúgó...more

Draw for the quarter-finals

21/06/2016, 06:44

The draw for the matches of the quarter-finals will take place on Wednesday 22 June 2016 at the beginning of the Cultural Day at Museum Ladin, in San Martin de Tor / St. Martin in Thurn at 10:30 hr.

All the team leaders are very much invited to attend this draw.

For the women...more

Press photos online

21/06/2016, 04:51

Every day of the EUROPEADA 2016, we collect photos from all the match venues. These photos are avalaible and can freely be used.

The photos can be downloaded at : Media - press photos

Released for publication: Organising Team EUROPEADA 2016 South Tyrol


Germans from Russia and Occitans are the group winners of the women's tournament

21/06/2016, 02:11

Today, the teams of the Germans in Russia (Rusdeutsch) and the Occitans were able to secure their first places in their groups in the last group matches. Whereas Rusdeutsch had no problems whatsoever against Las Rumantschas, the Occitans had to turn the match around, after the first goal was...more

Great audience!

20/06/2016, 11:12

There is something happening in the stadium, when the Lusatian Sorbs are playing. The audience is superb!


Four men's teams still who did not loose points

20/06/2016, 09:45

After the second day of matches in the men's tournament at the EUROPEADA there are still four teams that did not loose points yet: I Ladins, the Croats in Serbia, Occitania and Südtirol. These teams have accordingly the best chances to enter the quartel finals, for which the group...more


20/06/2016, 02:54

All matches of the Lusatian Sorbs, the finals of the men and women and some other matches will be transmitted LIVE. With the support of the South Tyrolean company and a film crew of Lusatian Sorbs, who will be filming the matches on a voluntary basis, the streams are to...more

Team Puschtra replaces the Western Thrace Turks

19/06/2016, 12:35

The team of the Western Thrace Turks (Bati Trakya Türk Azinligi), who shortly before the beginning of the EUROPEADA cancelled their participation in the European football championship of the autochthonous, national minorities, are replaced by Team Puschtra – a selection of players...more

First matches played

19/06/2016, 10:13

The women of the Germans in Russia and the Occitans were the first winners of a match at the EUROPEADA 2016. In the afternoon the Roma men from Hungary, the Croats in Serbia and the Lusatian Sorbs followed. Also the men from the Ladin and German-speaking South Tyroleans were able to win their...more

EUROPEADA Homepage is online

05/04/2016, 06:27

EUROPEADA Homepage new on the web

After intense preparatory work, the homepage of EUROPEADA 2016 has been filled with the most important information, in order to put it on the web today. For the organising committee this site has an important information...more

EUROPEADA 2016 - Programme of matches set

23/02/2016, 05:43

67 Matches from 18 until 26 June 2016

The programme of football matches is set for the EUROPEADA 2016 in South Tyrol, the third European football championship of the autochthonous national minorities. There will be 67 regular matches over the course of six days.


Group Drawing

14/12/2015, 20:00

The group drawing


The group drawing of the EUROPEADA 2016 was carried out the 14th of December 2015 as part of a ceremony at the Salewa Tower in Bozen. Even delegations of 16 inscribed minorities attended. The drawing of the women pairings was performed by Melanie...more