10.05.2016: The coice of the EUROPEADA 2016 slogan occupied only a subordinated role within the activities of the organisation committee. Nevertheless it should descrive the emphasis by using only three words: "Diversity.Awareness.Respect". This is, what we want to emphasize, that is what we want to convey.


21.04.2016: I have to tell you the very last news: yesterdaygoalie Katja Schroffenegger, who played for a few years in Germany for Jena, Bayern München and Bayer Leverkusen promised us to help us with the organization during the most stressful period. Schroffenegger returned from Germany and is now playing again for CF Südtirol, and moreover she is also playing in the national woman team. She is going to introduce her experience in both sports and journalism, due to her journalism studies. We are looking forward to collaborate with her.


20.04.2016: In the course of today`s OK meeting we presented the concept of the opening ceremony. It was accepted with its main features. Within the next days further details are clarified. No negative surprises are expected.


05.04.2016 Finally today is the day: after having collected information, writing texts, and adapting corrections, a neutral judgement is only hardly possible. It is time to put the homepage on the web. Of course the homepage is developing currently. Your advices will help us to improve.  We hope to get a nice feedback.


19.3.2016 Today the delegation of the South Tyrolean male team was in Olang for investigating the location on-site. The team is going to lodge the Hotel Astor. The team leadership is very satisfied with this decision. It is announced that the representative is getting supervised again by the coaches Manfred Villgrater and Thomas Piffrader. Günther Heidegger and Andreas Vieider accomplish their work as team leaders.


15.03.2016 The representative of the Germans in Russia has the farthest journey with 6000 km. Their participation is planned accurate. We experienced that already at the beginning of this year a meeting took place in Sotchi. 56 players from different regions of Russia applied themselves. They were tested during several test matches and the 22 best players were chosen. In South Tyrol they are going to represent their minority. We are looking forward to this strong team.


10.03.2016 Only 100 days are left until the EUROPEADA 2016 starts. The newspaper “Dolomiten” published therefore a full-page report. A few of the minorities have still not booked their hotels, but we urge them in doing that as soon as possible. Several plans do depend on this. The already socialized contacts to the representatives of the minorities make us curious, their expectations and wishes are diverse. A large part of the way is already done, but there is still much left to be done. We have to convince ourselves within our next OK-meeting. Günther Pföstl is going to submit a list with the stuff that has to be done yet. That list will be long for sure.


14.12.2015 The first official event, the drawing, is taking place in the Salewa tower. Each second selection has announced their attendance. The pots are divided, Hans Rudi Brugger and Melanie Mumelter are going to conduct the drawing. Everything is working fine, as planned. The venues arrived with their representatives, they proposed delegations to the venues. First inspections on-site have already been made. The feedbacks are positive. A club bus got a scratch while parking. Hopefully, no other accidents will occur during the event.


30.11.2015 The preparation runs yet for a while. The inscription period has passed and we are waiting with excitement for the results, especially the ones of the women, who are firstly participating in this edition of the EUROPEADA. The FUEN keeps the list of all participants with big consideration, but now we obtained the list. Six female teams are registered. The received dispatches suggest an exciting tournament. The list of the male teams is filled totally; the minorities of Europe are represented.


23.03.2015 The OK joined up for sifting the candidacies and for making decisions. We ascertain, that none of the clubs from the township of Bruneck gave their candidacies, for various reasons. Nevertheless, many interesting enquiries have entered. After extensive evaluation we carry the nomination of the following venues: Niederdorf, Olang, St. Vigil in Enneberg/Al Plan de Mareo, St. Martin in Thurn/San Martin de Tor, Pfalzen, Mühlwald, Sand in Taufers and Ahrntal. On Friday we will send the official nomination to the impacted clubs.


23.01.2015 A press conference was convened, in order to announce that the huge event is taking place in South Tyrol.  The media interest is big. The presentation proceeds smoothly. Therefore, the FUEN leaders came to Bolzano. During conversations we notice, that they are attaching big expectations to this event.


31.10.2014 The application deadline has run out and many interesting applications have been received. Even the Gadertal is represented appropriately, so that also the Ladins can be incorporated into the organization. Within the next meetings the OK will nominate officially the venues.


12.10.2014 The OK is concerned with the corner pillars of the event. After extensive discussion and consultation with the FUEN we agreed to determine the week of 18.-26. June 2016 as date of the event. The choice of the venue falls on two valleys, the Pustertal and Gadertal. Crucial for the choice was the availability of both pitches and hotels in this period. We determine to invite the clubs of the area to apply themselves as venues.


20.09.2014 FUEN vice-president Martha Stocker asked out for the first meeting. She explains proudly that the EUROPEADA 2016 is taking place in South Tyrol. On the other site, anxiety wields in her words, because expectations regarding this event are high. A powerful organization committee was appointed for making the grade. After long consultations the cornerstones have been established. Siegfried Stocker leads the committee as voluntary president. Much work is waiting for the organizers.


15.07.2014 What a joyful day for the two linguistic minorities in South Tyrol! It stands firm, that the EUROPEADA 2016 takes place in our country. Martha Stocker conveyed this message in her function as vice-president of the FUEN. The two-time winner of the EUROPEADA has to prove now even as organizer. The slat, that has been laid in Graubünden and particularly in Lausitz, is quite high.