Spielzeiten sind festgelegt


Today, FUEN and the local organising committee have set the match schedule with the starting times. We have taken out the matches with a connection to South Tyrol in detail:


Teamhotels booked


After a careful search, we have succeeded in finding hotels that meet the teams' requirements. As we have also determined that the budget is covered, we can now announce our team hotels.

Team Südtirol men: Hotel Landhafen in Niebüll. Homepage: Team...more

Final draw EUROPEADA 2024


Today at Sydbank Park in Haderslev (Denmark) the groups for the basic round were drawn. The teams from South Tyrol were represented by Peter Unteregelsbacher and Martin Unterholzner (South Tyrol), as well as Giorgio Costabiei and Hanspeter Graffonara (Ladins). 

27 teams...more

Nomination of the coaching staff for EUROPEADA 2024

Nomination of the coaching staff for EUROPEADA 2024


The South Tyrol coordination management of EUROPEADA 2024 announces that the most important positions in the coaching staff have been appointed. the names are listed below:

- South Tyrol men: Manuel Sullmann (head coach - new), Peter Unteregelsbacher (assistant...more

EUROPEADA winner  Verena Erlacher is died

EUROPEADA winner Verena Erlacher is died

09/11/2018, 12:38

The EUROPEADA family mourns the player of the EUROPEADA 2016 winning team South Tyrol Women, Verena Erlacher, who died on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, only 19 years old. The then 17-year-old Verena was in all games of the EUROPEADA 2016 part of the team South Tyrol ladies on the full...more


23/12/2016, 12:02

At the EUROPEADA 2016, many great people have come to South Tyrol to meet other minorities and to play the EUROPEADA championship under the slogan "Diversity.Awareness.Respect". The women's teams were a great addition to the tournament and gave it a...more

The final ranking of the EUROPEADA 2016

25/06/2016, 23:11

This is the final ranking of the EUROPEADA 2016:

Women Tournament:

1. Südtirol

2. Occitánia

3. Rusdeutsch

4. I Ladins

5. Serbja-Lusatia

6. Las Rumantschas


Men Tournament:


EUROPEADA has come to a close

25/06/2016, 20:54

With speeches following the final match and with an award ceremony, the EUROPEADA 2016 has come to a close. FUEN President Loránt Vincze thanked the hosts for their work in the preparation and implementation of the event. His Vice President Daniel Alfreider and former Vice...more

Südtirol also wins the men's tournament

25/06/2016, 20:31

Südtirol also won the men's tournament of the EUROPEADA 2016. In an exciting and generally fair game, the hosts got into the lead already in the second minute by Elmar Haller. Occitània came into the game more and more, but was not able to capitalise and elaborate real...more

Croats in Serbia apologise for their abandonment

25/06/2016, 20:30

The President of the Organising Committee announces that the Croats in Serbia officially apologised for their abandonment in the semi-final match. The local organiser is pleased with their statement and accepts the apologies. If there will be a written declaration at a later stage, it will be...more